Top 5 Vacation Villas for Tourists in Arizona

Arizona is one of the popular States within the United States with Phoenix as the capital. It is bordered by New Mexico, Mexico, Nevada, Utah and California.  You can go ahead and explore the top Vacation villas for tourists in arizona to know the one that will give you great experience. Your peace of mind, safety, comfort and luxury is the top priority of Joan Hartman while providing you with below list after thorough research.

Arizona has so much for tourist to do and see. There are top-rated spas, first-class golf courses, Saguaro National Park, marvelous red sandstone formations and lots of others. There is also world most popular Grand Canyon in Arizona. In fact, tourists have lots of things to benefit from this great State from outdoor exploration to entrenched history as well as local culture, tourists will never lack what to do and enjoy in Arizona. Apart from these things, another thing attracting tourists to this part of the United State is world-class Vacation villas for tourists in arizona.  Just read through to find 5 top vacation villas perfect for tourist in Arizona.

1.       Scottsdale Links Resort by Diamond Resort Central Phoenix Downtown

Phoenix is the capital of Arizona and the Central Phoenix is one of the famous world-class villas for tourists in Arizona. It is located in Downtown, which is the major financial district of Arizona capital city and also home to sky-scrappers. It is also the major urban clamor in the city as well as the cultural center of Phoenix. This is where you can find leading museums such as Phoenix Art Museum, Heard Museum as well as Arizona Science Museum. The exquisite interior decoration, proximity to city center and most tourist attractions and wonderful outdoor ventures are the things that made this tourist vacation center in Arizona most attractive.

2.       Vista Retreat Vacation Home

For your comfortable home experience outside home, the Vista Retreat Vacation Home is the option. This vacation home is located in the Northern Phoenix. It is a mountain vacation home built with balcony and kitchen and tourists are allowed to access free WiFi as well as free parking space. For 2 nights in this vacation villa, tourists are expected to pay $440 including their taxes and other fees. The main amenities in this vacation villa include:

·         Outdoor pool

·         3 smoke-free homes

·         Business center running 24 hours

·         Self-service laundry

·         Picnic area

·         Barbecue grills

·         Microwaves

·         On site play ground

·         Children’s pool

·         Sofa bed and kitchen.

It is indeed an overall great place to stay and you can call for booking right away.

3.       Legacy Golf Resort

Everything you need to enjoy cool experience, relaxation and luxury with security are provided in this vacation villa the Legacy Golf Resort. It is one of the most famous vacation villas for tourist in Arizona. This tourist vacation accommodation is located within 5.7 miles of the city center and 3.5 miles to the Sky Harbor International Airport making it easy for tourists to explore Arizona from the villa. It is located within the South Mountain condo and comes with comfy bedding and balcony. There is also free WiFi as well as free parking space for all tourists here. To stay here for 2 nights you are to pay $232 including fees and taxes. To locate this resort offline, you can check the address is 6808 S 32nd St, Phoenix, AZ, 85042, United States of America.  There are quite lots of great amenities that can make you feel at home outside your home in Legacy Golf Resort.

4.       Scottsdale Villa Mirage By Diamond Resorts

As a tourist in Arizona, one of the things you need to do while searching for accommodation is to find the one within the proximity of city center. This is to give you easy access to tourist attractions and transportation hubs within the city of Arizona. Scottsdale Villa Mirage by Diamond Resorts is one of the tourist villas for tourists in Arizona. It is located within 17 miles within to the City center and within 16 miles to the Sky Harbor International Airport. The Price of booking this villa for your tourist exploration is just $150 for 2 nights including fees and taxes.

5.       Sonoran Suites of Scottsdale


If you want to stay within 15 miles to the center of Arizona City and within 14 miles within the Sky Harbor International Airport, then you have to consider staying in the Sonoran Suites of Scottsdale. The price of booking accommodation in this villa is $353 including fees and taxes. There also many luxury amenities available in this accommodation. The exquisite interior décor and the amazing exterior beautification are among the things that lure people to Sonoran Suites of Scottsdale for their vacation accommodation.

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